The Mpdist distribution

What is mp?

The mp distribution now consists of two programs, mp and mptool.

The mp program will pretty print various files for you. It can be used in conjunction with a mail reading utility for producing a pretty print of your mail items. It can be used with a news reading tool to pretty print news articles. Digests can also be printed, and this version can pretty print ordinary ASCII files as well. Support for personal organiser printing was added into the last released version. There are numerous configuration options to allow you to adjust the way mp generates it's output.

The mptool program is a graphical frontend to mp. It makes it easy to configure the printout of your documents without having to remember lots of complicated command line arguments. It also supports drag and drop of text from other Gtk+ applications.

See the manual pages for more details on these various options.

What is mimep?

The mimep program allows users to print multimedia messages composed with any UA respecting the MIME standard. It can print most of the bodyparts composing this kind of mail (gif, jpeg images, text/plain, text/enriched, postscript files ...). To achieve its goal, mimep builds a LaTeX document from the MIME message. Afterwards, it converts it into a "dvi" file, then into Postscript, outputting either to a file or to a printer.

There is a mailcap_example file in the .../mimep directory which should be copied to ~/.mailcap, if you don't already have one. Note that the mailcap file is setup to call other programs (like xloadimage and ghostview) to display various MIME types. You should configure this file accordingly for your site (ie, xv and ghostprint as possible alternates).

See the mimep manual pages for more details on the various options available with this program.

This project is hosted at Sourceforge and you can go to the project pages to submit bugs, access CVS , etc.  Mailing lists are available for you to ask questions and to help keep you informed of the progress being made.

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